Sculptural Spaces with Artus


In the fast-paced corporate world, office spaces play a pivotal role in productivity and employee satisfaction. Meet Artussixteen3‘s new space division system that raises the bar on workspace transformation. With its geometrically shaped panels and unparalleled versatility, Artus offers a tailor-made solution to reimagine any office environment.

Embracing the ethos of sustainable design, Artus invites designers to rediscover the possibilities of the office environment. Panel elements of varying size and geometric shape link together with visible brackets, celebrating sustainable construction and embodying the values of ‘designed for disassembly’. Artus looks to the future with lifecycle considerations, including innovative carbon-negative and compostable materials, a sustainability champion, it’s 99% recyclable.

A range of different layouts formed from Artus space division system

Creative Space Division

Artus space dividers redefine the notion of boundaries, transforming them into captivating focal points that inspire connection, productivity, and add a touch of whimsy. Craft unique office environments with an array of divider types and shapes. Whether forming straight divisions for delineating distinct work zones, zig-zags to evoke dynamic energy, or elegant L-shapes for fostering collaboration, freestanding space dividers provide endless configurations. These dividers blend functionality and aesthetics, empowering designers to sculpt office spaces with a previously unfound creative flair.

Sedir sofas integrate effortlessly with Artus panels, complementing the curvaceous forms. 120° Sedir corners are ideal for pairing with angular dividers. Or create one-to-one informal spaces with a pair of Otto or Odyssey accent chairs backed by a sculptural divider.

A range of different space divider layouts formed using Artus space division system

Joyful Desking

Artus offers an array of possibilities to revolutionize workspace desking design. From its versatile triangular and rectangular-shaped desk options to the expansive hexagonal combinations and back-to-back arrangements, Artus can construct idyllic office environments that foster productivity and focus. Embrace the multi-height options to create low-level desking banks, or opt for higher walls to elevate the focused work potential of the space.

Pair Artus desks with inviting Hugg chairs to facilitate longer use with added comfort and ergonomic support. Alternatively, the sleek contours of Darcy chairs infuse the workspace with contemporary elegance, providing an ideal hot desking touchdown spot.

A range of different desking layouts formed using Artus space division system


Inspiring Workbooths

Artus workbooths provide the perfect blend of privacy and collaboration, offering bespoke solutions for focused work or dynamic team meetings. Individual booths create secluded havens for concentration, while larger meeting booths accommodate diverse team sizes, fostering dialogue and innovation.

By seamlessly integrating size-adjustable Monsal benches, harmonious group workspace areas and intimate one-to-one gathering spots can be created. Complementing these booths with Options tables, layouts can be freely customised to suit specific spacial requirements. Artus workbooths can craft spaces that empower teams, foster creativity, and fuel inspired conversations.

A range of different work booth layouts formed using Artus space division system

Head to our online configurator to explore all of the possibilities and construct your own Artus here!

Images in this article created using Camira Quest fabrics.


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