About us

We are furniture designers and manufacturers established in the North of the UK with a passion for creativity and craftsmanship. Simplicity and quality define our approach. We believe in creating timeless products that are made to last.

Working with a broad selection of materials, we push the aesthetic and innovative boundaries of furniture making. Respect for the environment has always been a core principle, from design to delivery.

Our People

People are at the heart of everything we do. Our insightful and knowledgeable sales team, passionate and innovative design department, and our vast number of highly skilled craftsmen and women are the very soul of sixteen3. We are proud to have a dedicated team who are committed to designing and manufacturing the very best in upholstered commercial seating right here in Cheshire.

Our Designs

We are passionate about beautiful and timeless design. Our in-house design team are consistently focussed on innovating with form and colour, researching materials and pushing the boundaries of product life cycle. Ensuring timeless and long-lasting pieces which fuse both durability and style. We’re inspired by the world around us, by nature, architecture and art to continually experiment with pleasing forms and eye-catching design details.

Our Community

Established in 2009, we pride ourselves upon over a decade of expertise and experience. Our small business values are combined with big company dreams and aspirations, driving us to evolve not only ourselves but to help grow the communities around us. We always endeavour to work with other local businesses where we can, and strive to support our fellow British companies and craftspeople.

Our Planet

We pledge to do everything we can to ensure we leave as little impact on the Earth as possible. Sustainability is at the forefront in the creation of our products and we’re inspired to evolve and be better with every new furniture range. Our designs feature a multitude of ground-breaking recyclable and renewable materials, like fast growing bamboo and recycled plastics. We’re under no illusions though, we accept that nothing can last forever, which is why we also offer products which can be dismantled and recycled, as well returned to us for reupholstering or repurposing.

We believe good environmental practices go hand in hand with good product quality and have been certified that we meet both ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management systems, are full members of the Furniture Industry Sustainability Program (FISP) and are Forest Stewardship CouncilĀ® (FSC) Chain of Custody certified.


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