Carving a Greener Future with FSC® Timber


In the dynamic world of commercial interiors, innovation is in the spotlight as the key to sustainability. We’re witnessing a surge in innovative biomaterials and recycled resources, heralding a greener tomorrow. But, as we venture into the future, it’s important not to overlook the enduring allure of traditional timber. Time-honoured yet profoundly sustainable, timber remains a remarkable choice, especially when it carries the coveted FSC certification.

This week we celebrate FSC Forest Week 2023. Let’s shift our focus away from the ever-evolving landscape of emerging technological materials. Instead, we invite you to rediscover the sustainable features of traditional timber – a timeless classic in the world of sustainable materials. We’re taking a look at the importance of FSC accreditation, what it represents, and how to ensure you’re sourcing products responsibly.

Back to Basics

Founded in 1993, the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to promoting responsible forest management. FSC members work together to develop and promote forest management standards designed to protect forests and the rights of indigenous and local communities. This means FSC forests are managed with the utmost care, ensuring biodiversity preservation, responsible harvesting methods, and the protection of indigenous and local communities.

How Does This Affect Commercial Interiors?

FSC is best known for its certification system, enabling companies that use forest-based products to showcase their adherence to FSC standards for responsible forest management. Products carrying the FSC certification contain materials originating from forests meeting strict environmental, social, and economic standards set by the FSC. Opting for FSC products and furniture isn’t just a choice for quality and durability; it’s a conscious decision to support ethical and eco-friendly timber-sourcing practices. This benefits the planet, the wildlife, and communities reliant on these forests.

FSC Isn’t Just for Wood!

Beyond traditional timber, FSC certification encompasses a wide range of forest-based materials. This means you can easily verify responsible sourcing for various products. Examples include FSC-certified paper suitable for sustainable printing, wood-based items like plywood and particleboard used in construction and furniture, non-timber forest products such as natural rubber and cork, bamboo, and even textiles and fabrics sourced from responsibly managed forests. FSC’s dedication to sustainability and responsible sourcing extends further than you might anticipate, ensuring a diverse array of materials contributes to a more environmentally and socially responsible world.

Reminder: Look for the FSC Logo

Whether you’re furnishing a commercial interior project or curating your personal spaces at home, one simple yet powerful choice can make a world of difference: Look for the FSC logo. It’s the assurance that you’re choosing timber and forest-based products to contribute to a more sustainable world rather than harming our planet. Get to know your forest-based materials and, in commercial or personal spaces alike, be sure to let the FSC logo guide your commitment to responsible sourcing.

A Note on Responsible Sourcing: Smaller Businesses and Sustainability

In the pursuit of responsible sourcing, let’s not forget the hidden gems among smaller businesses. While not all of them may carry their own FSC certification, many are devoted to ethical and sustainable practices.

One favourite here at sixteen3 is Cork & Co fabric from Vyva-Fabrics, seen below on a Darcy chair. This upholstery fabric is crafted using cork sourced from FSC-certified forests. Although the fabric itself lacks an FSC certificate, it’s reassuring to know that the materials used are responsibly sourced, an added bonus enhancing cork’s already impressive sustainability legacy.

It serves as a reminder that a bit of research can uncover remarkable discoveries aligned with your values. So, as you explore sustainable choices, delve into the offerings of smaller businesses—you might just find products containing FSC materials after all.

FSC at sixteen3

At sixteen3, sustainability and responsible timber sourcing are at the heart of our design and development process. We proudly hold the status of a registered FSC chain of custody supplier, ensuring that 99% of our timber products, including the frames within our upholstered furniture, timber-based decorative finishes (like the Calvert trough box below), core materials for table tops, and the wooden legs of our furniture ranges, carry the prestigious FSC certification. This unwavering dedication reflects our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices within the commercial interiors industry. We offer our customers products that seamlessly blend style with a profound commitment to the well-being of our planet.

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