Inizio Medical, Macclesfield

Case Studies

Ekho Studio‘s recent transformation of Macclesfield’s historic Victoria Mill into a contemporary workspace for healthcare client Inizio Medical showcases the perfect blend of industrial heritage and modern design. Inizio Medical wanted a workspace that would align with their post-pandemic working styles, creating an environment that reflects the company culture and builds a sense of community.

At the heart of Victoria Mill is ‘The Hub,’ a versatile ground-floor space for informal gatherings, social events, Town Hall meetings, and individual work. It features several individual lounge areas, each uniquely styled with different layouts of Sedir seating to offer variety while maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout the open-plan space. Ekho Studio has harnessed the full potential of Sedir’s modularity, arranged in multiple configurations, from expansive conversation pits to elegant corner sofas and convenient lounge chairs. Notably, Sedir’s adaptable design means it’s easy to disconnect and reconfigure, making it the ideal seating solution for transforming The Hub’s lounge layouts into other formats suitable for Town Hall meetings or specialized events.

Ekho Studio drew inspiration from the mill’s rich history and the surrounding area’s textures, incorporating earthy tones that harmonize with exposed brick and original structural elements. The result is a workspace that has revived the Mill’s historical character and combined it with modern design to create the ideal post-pandemic hybrid workspace.

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