An Otto for Every Office


A sofa range born from the Bauhaus spirit, Otto blends sleek design with functionality and sustainability, raising the bar for modern workplace soft seating. A versatile and customisable seating staple, there’s an Otto for every office.

Get Creative with Otto’s Modular Design

Whether it’s a chic collaboration space, a stylish reception area, or a dynamic lounge setting, Otto adapts to your office’s rhythm. Armchairs, sofas, and modular components can be effortlessly mixed and matched, allowing you to craft a workspace that not only suits but enhances your unique vibe. The versatile range includes two and three-seat sofas, armchairs, ottomans, and modules with arms or open ends, offering limitless possibilities for diverse compositions. Perfectly placed in compact spaces or vast open floor plans, Otto’s modular adaptability ensures it effortlessly meets the unique requirements of any environment.

Otto Isn’t Just About Style… 

… it’s eco-conscious too. Crafted with an impressive 64% recycled content, Otto embodies Sixteen3’s commitment to reducing environmental impact. Not stopping there, Otto boasts an exceptional 98% recyclability, ensuring that at the end of its lifecycle, it can be reintegrated into the production cycle, minimizing waste. Made from a thoughtful combination of steel and agricultural fibreboard, Otto goes beyond aesthetics, providing a holistic eco-conscious solution.

The AFB Frame is Key to Otto’s Sustainability Story

A biodegradable alternative to MDF, crafted from agricultural by-products like straw and reeds, waste materials that would typically be composted or burned. What sets this material apart is its carbon-negative footprint, attributed to its inherent carbon-absorbing properties. Otto‘s use of AFB minimizes waste and reduces the release of CO2 into the atmosphere.

Standing Out and Fitting In

Slimline arms, steel legs – it’s the perfect blend of chic and practical. From cosy nooks to expansive lounge areas, Otto fits right in without sacrificing style or comfort. Slender steel legs offer sturdy support while maintaining a light, effortless, and almost floating appearance. The legs are customizable in a range of RAL colours, allowing for personalization to suit individual preferences and design schemes.

Not Your Average Office Sofa

With its premium webbed seat construction, Otto offers a heightened level of softness, combined with optimum back support for an unbeatable seating experience. The tapered angle at the top of the backrest introduces a unique design element, enabling individuals to perch on the backrest when standing, fostering a dynamic and collaborative atmosphere.

Couple all of this with the modular functions, sustainability story, adaptable nature and stylish design and tell us, could you really want much more from a sofa?

Customise an Otto of your own using the online configurator via the product page here

Or to see Otto in person get in touch and book a visit to our showroom in London, or Material Source in Manchester & Glasgow.

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