The 2024 Office


As we step into 2024, the world of office design is buzzing with anticipation. What lies ahead? And how can the latest workspaces be optimally transformed for the well-being and productivity of the workforce?

At sixteen3, we’re not just observers; we’re in the mix, ready to reveal insights that will redefine offices in the coming year. Here are our 5 essential considerations for shaping the 2024 office interiors landscape.

1. Forever Flexible
Consider workspaces as versatile playlists. Embrace modular furniture that adapts to a team’s ever-changing rhythm, creating an environment as fluid as work needs dictate. Workspaces should offer a range of options – from collaborative zones to quiet corners, providing the end user the freedom to choose their preferred work setting.

For flexible workspaces, consider furniture with castors, like Pop stools, Reece sofas, and Tolv Planters. Try instantly adaptable furniture like Calvert (also available on castors) with accessories that can be hooked on and off in moments or modular ranges which can be separated, adapted, and expanded in the future like Sedir and Artus.

2. Bring in Nature
Bringing a touch of the outdoors in – it’s not just a trend. Greenery, natural light, and earthy textures add a breath of fresh air to workspaces. A study by the University of Exeter found that incorporating plants in the office can improve overall well-being and productivity by 15%.

Calvert walls are perfect for adding planter accessories and act as a trellis for climbing plants, or try Tolv Planters with custom widths for a more built-in style. Keep your eyes peeled for updates in the near future as more biophilic sixteen3 furniture is on the horizon!

3. Wellness Retreats
Work hard, yes. But don’t forget to recharge. Wellness rooms are the quiet heroes, offering a break from the hustle for a moment of zen. Incorporating wellness programs and spaces in the workplace can help to reduce absenteeism and increase job satisfaction.

If you don’t have spare rooms to dedicate to wellness, create a room within a room using Calvert or Artus for a designated space to recharge. Don’t forget some comfortable lounge seating for optimum relaxation!

4. Inclusivity & Neurodiversity at The Core
Workspaces should feel like welcoming havens. Inclusive design is the secret sauce, ensuring every member of the team feels at home. Designing for inclusivity isn’t just about fairness; it’s a smart business move. Research suggests that teams with neurodiverse professionals in some roles can be 30% more productive than those without them.

Provide areas that offer accessibility as well as sensory needs. Consider Artus and Calvert for creating different areas with different sensory elements, upholstered walls soften sound and add texture. Both offer desking options available at various heights, ideal for wheelchair users or those who need standing desks.

5. Sustainability Sway
Being green is always in style. Choose eco-friendly furniture that not only looks good but also leaves a positive footprint on the planet. Opting for sustainability not only positively influences the planet but plays a part in well-being projecting a socially responsible company image, enhancing employee morale and satisfaction – it’s a signal that their employer cares for them and the environment.

Here at sixteen3, sustainability is a huge factor in everything we do, and many of our ranges are designed with specific sustainability goals in mind. Some examples include Bodyn, Reece, and Artus, all featuring sustainable materials and the ability to be deconstructed into individual components for easy repair, reconfiguration, replacement, and recycling.

Our 5 essentials reflect a commitment to seamlessly blending style with functionality, ensuring that your workspace not only meets the needs of the present but sets the stage for a dynamic and productive future. From flexible layouts and nature-inspired interiors to sustainable practices, each element contributes to a holistic approach in shaping workplaces that resonate with the ethos of a healthier, happier, and more efficient office experience. Here’s to a year of innovative design and transformative workspaces!

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