Principality, Cardiff

Case Studies

D&G Office Interiors have transformed the head offices of the Principality Building Society in Cardiff into a hub of inspiration, creativity, and collaboration. The project aimed to steer away from traditional, corporate office spaces and create an environment that felt inviting and homely, with each of the eight floors given its unique identity.

The design concept is centred around biophilic design, which creates a natural and calming environment that promotes well-being, reduces stress, enhances productivity, minimises noise levels, and stimulates creativity. The use of natural elements, such as lush green plants and eco-friendly materials, has been cleverly implemented throughout the workspace to achieve this goal.

To bring their vision to life, D&G utilised Calvert to create adaptable and flexible workstations. Inviting breakout areas furnished with Reece sofas and Breathe chairs provide comfortable seating and relaxation zones, while touchdown Calvert desks, paired with Darcy stools, offer short-term workstations. Multiple sizes of Bodyn booths also create the perfect meeting and collaboration areas, allowing for effective communication and teamwork.

The final result is a workspace that is both functional and visually appealing, inspiring and agile. Creating an environment that is comfortable, flexible, and supportive of modern working practices, driving productivity and well-being.


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