Northern Gas and Power, Gateshead

Case Studies

AMH Workspace studied how the teams at Northern Gas and Power worked, how they interacted and observed their energy and creativity on the sales floor to create a new, inspiring space, with furniture solutions that help people connect, collaborate and support agile working.

Biophilic design runs throughout the whole workspace, which enhances the wellbeing by creating an environment that is totally natural. The addition of planting and natural elements and finishes in the office helps to reduce stress, increase productivity, help reduce sickness and absence, reduce noise levels and also boost creativity.

Both high and low back versions of the Alexander lounge chair were used to provide comfortable breakout and casual meeting seating over by the floor-to-ceiling windows. Various shades of Camira Synergy fabric were used in the upholstery to add splashes of colour and texture, whilst defining the distinct areas.

In the ‘Feel Well Deli’ a group of Gilbert armchairs are finished in the stylish yet hardwearing Oregon by Agua, with its unique vintage-inspired texture.

Large, comfortable Newton sofas and agile Pop stools furnish the relaxation zones, with two-tone upholstery and wooden frames giving a laid-back and inviting appearance.

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