Chelsea Flower Show, Putney High School

Case Studies

Putney High School‘s Biophilic Classroom was temporarily re-located in September to be showcased at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2021. The exhibit was awarded a gold medal for its display of the school’s pioneering research into how plants in a classroom can positively influence the productivity and wellness of the pupils.

A perfect example of the ‘Calvert’ System’s flexibility, the Futures Hub at the school was dismantled then rebuilt as an exhibit in Chelsea Flower Show’s Discovery Zone; with only a handful of additional components ‘Calvert’ was able to be transformed into a completely different layout. From a sixth form common room used daily by hundreds of students, to an exhibition stand displaying research and plants ‘Calvert’ seamlessly adapted to a setting with a very contrasting purpose to the initial installation, before once again being dismantled and reinstated permanently at Putney High School.

The overarching theme at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show was sustainability, a principle which is integral to the design of the ‘Calvert’ range. The system can be repurposed and reconfigured time and time again allowing for an extended product life cycle, whilst the specification of bamboo panels and accessories for the Biophilic Classroom project added another dimension to the environmental accreditations of the Chelsea Flower Show exhibit.

Research & Design by Clare Bowman RCZM Architects
Photography by Matthew Cattell

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