Futures Hub, Putney High School

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Putney High School’s innovative and sustainable Biophilic Classroom project, undertaken with RCZM Architects, has been extended to development of the Sixth Form Centre “Futures Hub.”

This flexible and airy space has been transformed into a peaceful area with separate zones in which to study, to relax, or to chat with friends.

The ‘Calvert’ system was used to furnish this space, providing zoning with useable, adaptable touch points such as tables, whiteboards and storage, as well as providing a backdrop for the all-important plants within the space. Panels were made of bamboo, chosen not only for its aesthetic appeal but it’s strong sustainability credentials of being a fast growing, ethically harvested, CO2 negative material. Rectangular display boxes where finished off with naturally preserved moss panels by Innerspace Cheshire and are complemented by woodland photographs by Matthew Cattell, printed by Promote your School and mounted on movable panels.

The adaptability of the system allows for future changes, with all accessories including shelving and tables using the ‘Calvert’ hook system and the walls frames themselves being easily dismantled in order to be moved and reconfigured.

Simple round ‘Pop’ stools using natural Hemp fabric by Camira provide casual, flexible seating throughout the space.

Feedback from students since the plants and biophilic images appeared has been really positive. “It’s an amazing place to do some quiet studying and the greenery makes it a beautiful working environment.”’ said Kate Molan, Putney School’s Acting Head of Sixth Form.

Clare Bowman, Architect and Sustainability Advisor, added: “The ‘Calvert’ system seamlessly creates naturally socially distanced spaces for the students and staff to study and work in.”

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