Wireless Charger


Install this wireless charging transmiter within selected products and enjoy the convenience of being able to charge smartphones and tablets without being tethered or having the hassle of finding a power point.

For more information, and a list of compatible devices, visit: www.air-charge.com

iPhone charging case and wireless receiver available.


    • Standard Black
    • 2m USB Cable
    • AIR0004B
    • Aluminium/Black
    • 2m USB Cable
    • AIR0004AB
    • Leather
    • 2m USB Cable
    • Black: AIR0187B
    • Light Brown: AIR0187LB
    • Grey: AIR0187G
    • Veneer
    • 2m USB Cable
    • Ebony: AIR00200E
    • Walnut: AIR00200W


Aircharge can be installed in the armrests of the Link or Newton ranges, or in tabletops of the Arny Adytum, Arny Lite & Bodyn Booths, or Adytum Space, Fuse & Reece desks.
For additional information speak to our Sales Team.

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