Pip Power


Pip brings the smallest spaces to life with compact AC power, data/AV or TUF USB charging.

Integrate Pip into soft seating to provide convenient power for everyone.


Available in black or white.
Made by OE Electrics.


Power sockets are 3.15A Individually Fused. TUF-R Charging points are 5A USB, 1x Type A USB & 1x Type C USB



Available Sizes

    • 1x UK Fused Socket
    • Black: 24370110
    • White: 22711289
    • 1x TUF-R (A+C)
    • Black: 2370103
    • White: 2711296


Plug cables available in 1m, 3m, 5m or 10m lengths.

Power modules can be installed in the following ranges:
Arny Lite, Adytum Space (Benches & Desks), Link, Fuse 2, Hex, Bodyn, Sedir, Monsal.
For additional information and location options speak to our Sales Team.

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