Introducing Betto Tables


We are thrilled to introduce Betto, our latest and most expansive table range yet. Designed to foster collaboration and teamwork within contemporary work environments, Betto embodies the meaning of togetherness through its inviting design and adaptable functionality, tailored to accommodate larger groups.

Betto stands for ‘Better Together’, emphasising our goal of creating a table range which inspires groups of people come together and collaborate as one.

At the core of Betto’s design lies its robust pedestal-style construction, providing stability within a sleek, bold aesthetic. Designed with user comfort in mind, Betto’s central pedestal eliminates the discomfort of leg position clashes. Additionally, these colourful columns serve a dual purpose: not only do they inform the table’s aesthetic, but they also conceal the wiring of any integrated power units, creating a clutter-free workspace.

Betto offers an array of options, available in Standard, Counter, and Poseur heights, catering to a range of seating or standing preferences. What’s more, these varying heights can beĀ  combined and staggered to form layered ‘tablescapes’, giving you the freedom to curate dynamic meeting spaces and add depth to interior colour schemes.

Complementing the sturdy pedestal design, Betto tables come in various shapes and sizes, including circular, oval, or D-shaped ranging from 1000mm to 2400mm in size. This versatility allows ample space for teams of all sizes to gather and collaborate effectively, while the curving top shapes offer the flexibility to position yourself anywhere along the perimeter without being hindered by awkward corners.

To enhance customisation, we offer a choice of 24 metal pedestal colours for minimalists or maximalists alike. Our premium laminate table tops, available in twelve stylish colours with seamless edge banding, open the door to nearly 300 unique style combinations when paired with our diverse base colour options.

In response to the evolving needs of collaborative workspaces, we’ve introduced a Counter height option, designed to heighten the collaborative experience. These tables are tailored to foster creativity and facilitate hands-on tactile work, making them ideal for activities such as sketching, mood boarding, and collaborative design tasks. Perfect for standing interactions, users are encouraged to engage actively, nurturing spontaneous brainstorming sessions and informal meetings to promote both creativity and well-being in the workplace.

With its blend of form, function, and integrated power options, Betto offers a compelling solution for creative collaborative spaces. Providing an inviting platform for brainstorming sessions, meetings, and group presentations, Betto sparks innovation in modern workplace environments.

For more information about Betto and to explore the full range, please click here.

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