Assosia, Brentwood

Case Studies

Assosia, a global retail research and quality assurance specialist, tasked Spacio with designing their new Brentwood offices. Challenged to create a new, comfortable, and functional workspace that would help Assosia’s growing team to thrive.

Spacio focused on creating an interior that not only reflects Assosia’s brand identity but also captures the dynamic culture of the organization. Strategic design elements, including acoustic baffles, black elastic cord dividers, and the removal of ceilings, enhance the overall atmosphere and create defined zones within the space.

Bursting with vibrant colours in the cafe and breakout areas, featuring yellow Darcy chairs and large multi-colored Sedir sofas, the space fosters an environment that inspires creativity and collaboration. In meeting spaces, the choice of calming hues in smaller Sedir sofas and pale blue Darcy chairs with white wire legs creates a tranquil ambiance for focused discussions. Throughout the scheme, playful yet convenient Hex stools provide a continuous design language.

Spacio has not only met Assosia’s need for a comfortable and functional workspace but has gone above and beyond, crafting a vibrant, modern office with a “wow” factor that resonates with the dynamic culture of Assosia’s team.

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