Gresham, Bristol

Case Studies

Gresham, a technology and software company, needed an office as a result of accelerating expansion and to provide their staff with an office that can bring everyone together.

Brew House in Bristol, a grade II listed industrial building in the heart of the city was chosen to be their new home.

With a focus on the staff, Interaction designed a space that would flow throughout the day. The energetic and vibrant colours highlight the fun and fast-paced environment that Gresham represent. The largely open plan office encourages employees to collaborate and work together, not just within but across different departments.

Numerous products from sixteen3 where used, including a comfortable modular Circe sofa, flexible and brightly coloured Hex stools and a Fuse curved booth with striking multi-coloured button detail help furnish this creative workplace.


Design by Interaction

Photography by Rebecca Faith

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